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35 Hz

2018 ITA   |   9 min   |  italian

Vera wakes up in the middle of a forest. Behind her a wall of acoustic speakers and the bodies of dozens of guys.

In the twilight of a corridor, a female figure clutches in the hands of a phone handset; it is Vera's mother. The woman is waiting for her daughter for Sunday lunch.

35 HZ // Official Trailer
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This short is part of the series: I Mostri 2.0

Directed: Nico Malaspina

Starring: Erica Del Bianco

Screenplay: NIco Malaspina, 

Orazio Malfa

Subject: Luca Jankovic, Gabriele Guariso, Federico Lanfredi

Produced by: Grizzly Collective, Box Vision




  • BCT - Benevento Film Festival, Official Selection 2018

  • FENACIR Official Selection 2018

  • FARCUME Festival Internacional de Curtas-Metragens de Faro,  Official Selection 2018

  • OSTS SCREENINGS Bangladesh, Official Selection 2019

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