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BOX VISION productions

About Us

"People ask me if I think out of the box. Which box? I didn't see it".
(David A. Stewart)

Box Vision was founded in 2008 as a Cultural Association. The original intent was to integrate different forms of art such as music, painting, sculpture, and video into a collective experience. In recent years, the association has focused on producing numerous short films and audiovisual products.
From 2017 it changes its appearance into a Production Company. His latest "The Monsters 2.0" is a series of short films inspired by the movie "I Mostri" by Dino Risi from 1963. The series sees the collaboration of several Italian directors, collectives and production companies, with the aim of creating a network of young directors.

Freelance artists who hang out with us:

The Box People

Luca Jankovic

Co-founder I Writer I Director

Paolo Jankovic

Co-founder I Music Composer

Matteo Chemel

Co-founder I Set Designer

Ghila Valabrega

Producer I Director

Marco Pellegrino

Writer I Director

Foto Vimeo_300x300.jpg
Giacomo Pellegrini

Writer I Director I First AD

Andrea Cucchi

Executive Producer

Alessandro Alliaudi
Alfredo Menoni
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