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The Conspiracy

2018 ITA  |   14 min   |  Italian

Atmospheric temperature 38 °- 95% humidity. It's a hot summer day, the streets are deserted, the people in the house, the shutters closed and the hum of the air conditioners turned on. Riccardo is a man over forty, still lives with his mother, is barricaded in his room, completely sweaty as he trains as a secret service soldier. The fateful day has come, the battle with the aliens is imminent, only he can stop them.

IL COMPLOTTISTA // Official trailer
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This short is part of the series: I Mostri 2.0

Directed: Antonella Spatti

Starring: Ivan Senin

Screenplay Antonella Spatti,

Luca Jankovic

Subject: Luca Jankovic, Gabriele Guariso, Federico Lanfredi

Produced by: Grizzly Collective, Box Vision


  • BEST PRODUCTION,  The Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival 2019



  • MANLLEU Film Festival, Official Selection 2018

  • CORTOSCALI, Official Selection 2019

  • TAURASI Film Festival,  Official Selection 2018

  • IVELISE CineFestival, Official Selection 2018

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