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2018  ITA -UK  I  13 minutes

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are inexplicably trapped in a room, just minutes before the Apollo 11 mission. The countdown is definite: they’ll take a small step for a man and a giant leap into the unknown.

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About BOX VISION Productions

Box Vision was born in a small studio in Milan, nickname: "The Box", a small place with four walls in which we find ourselves imagining new creations. Now is focuses on the production of several short movies and audiovisual products. His latest "I Mostri 2.0" is a series of shorts inspired by the movie "I Mostri" by Dino Risi of 1963. The series sees the collaboration of several Italian directors.

Coming Soon
I MOSTRI 2.0 // Official Trailer
Box Vision

I MOSTRI 2.0 // Official Trailer

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