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The Man who started to die

2015 ITA   |   13 min   |  Italian

Oreste is a lonely and depressed man who has lost the meaning of his life. The very moment he is going to cut his veins a young woman rings at his door: she will help him to kill himself. After several failed "suicide attempts" the woman threatens to leave, at this point, Oreste suggests a way out.

L'uomo che aveva iniziato a morire - Official Trailer
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From a Poem of: Guido Catalano

Directed: Luca Jankovic

Starring: Tommaso Taddei, Silvia Valsesia

Screenplay: Luca Jankovic,

Federico Lanfredi

Produced by: Box Vision


  • EDINBURGH Short Film Festival, Official Selection 2015

  • 67th MONTECATINI Short Film Festival, Official Selection 2015

  • PIETRASANTA Film Festival, Official Selection 2015

  • CINETEKTON, Official Selection 2015

  • InDIFFERENTI III edizione, Official Selection 2015

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